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Coffee clutch or therapy?

Let's face it. We all need someone. We all need eachother. We all need community. A long time ago when my kids were starting school I started a coffee group for "women who don't work and love it". To be honest, it was from a place of insecurity and loneliness that I started the group but none the less, we met each week at Panera for coffee. It was a safe place to talk about our experiences, motherhood, being a wife, a friend and all other sordid topics. It was what I will call a "community" of sorts. We went thru so many good times and bad together over the years and people came in and out of the group as time went by. Today, we were small but still supporting each other in our next steps and friendship. These days, we are too comfortable with staying home. Covid? Maybe. But it is refreshing to get together, in person and just shoot the breeze. Face to face. Community is important and especially for women who understand the journey. It is why I wanted to start this endeavor. With hopes we can build a community that supports, shares, seeks, serves and possibly saves on that therapy bill! As the song goes...."we all need somebody we can lean on....." Lean on me.

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