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Light in a dark world

I love this time of year and all of the decorations. Especially the lights, I love the lights. I have always been drawn to sparkly lights, candle flames, fire. It is just very soothing to me and connects me with the divine. The world seems very dark right now. Everyone comments on it. Everyone feels it. But during this month, I have also seen the light. I see it in the kind things people are doing for eachother, in the gifts we being donated to those in need, in the coming together of families and friends and in the smiles and wishes of a Merry Christmas. If you look, you can see it. Kick the Scrooge out of your heart and let in the magic of the holidays. For Christians, this is a month to prepare for Christ being born. Open your heart to allow for Him to be born again in you With a Christ heart, see the goodness in others, see the kindness, compassion and love others are expressing. It's there. Mixed in with the hustle and bustle but you need to be intentional on seeing it! If you allow the light in, the darkness has no room. Oh let the sunsine in...and prepare the stable in your heart to let Christ be born again! Merry Christmas!!!

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