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I believe that being candid and authentic are key to thriving in today’s unsettling world  . I also believe in questioning everything.   This site will be  a place where seekers come to question and take on the journey to self while trying to understand how God fits into the picture.  Because I do believe in God.   Being a seeker myself, I started WeAreCalled2 as a place for others who are also seeking to come together as a community to ask the big questions.  We are called to it.   Why not do it together?  

My story is not unique.  In short, I came to God after a tragedy in our family.   A young Catholic priest reached out to my family and changed my life.   That was just the beginning. I worked for Father John in the Catholic Church for the next 15 years and experienced organized religion from the inside, spirituality and a community of faith.   I have studied everything I could get my hands on to try to understand this faith and how it fits into my life.   I have questions.  Lots of questions but I also have insight and things to share.   I am you.  I find it hard sometimes.  I understand the difficulty of it.  But I also believe the answers are in the journey.   And that must be done with others, like you.   So join me on my continual spiritual journey as I move down this road of life with the ultimate goal of finding peace, love and joy.   We are called to it....So join me no matter where you are in your journey!   


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