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A New York Minute...

Time. We either don't have enough of it or we wish for it to pass. It passes quickly when we think of our lives, I mean wasn't I just getting out of college and living in NYC? And it goes by slowly when we are in the middle of crisis, waiting for answers, change, what's next. When it really comes down to it, the only time we have is now. Yeah, I know, be in the present, Eckhart Tolle type of living sounds new age and impossible BUT it actually can be an attainable way of living. Some time in your day, stop and look around. What is there? Maybe a loved one babbling on about work or maybe the nothing but the wind blowing outside. Take it in. In that moment, find the gratitude you have inside for what is in front of you. Think of one thing you are grateful for in that moment. It will change the moment for you from frenetic, boring, just being in the grateful moment. It isn't that hard to have these moments we just need to be intentional about it. So take a minute....New York, NJ, Delaware....wherever you are....and be grateful for it. Then watch that smile start to creep up on you......

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