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the road to the cross

I have been studying the last week of Christ and boy, was it a rough one. I often think, why is the life of this person still relevant today in my own life? When you observe how He moved thru this world, you begin to realize, what a world it would be if we could follow His lead. He was kind, loving, accepting, gentle, prayerful, obedient to His father and let's call it...simply divine. He accepted His mission and leaned into it to the very end. And here we are, 2,000 years later, still talking about Him! So what's the message? Listen to His words (Love thy neighbor as I have loved you), follow His example as best you can (for what have done for the least of them you have done for me) and simply learn the art of loving, without strings (do not judge lest you be judged). He is quite a guy and worth understanding. His last week was a rough one but it gave us not only salvation but an example of how to live in this world. It's worth reflecting on and walking with Him this Holy Week so that this world can become more like that Kingdom of Heaven He keeps talking about.....

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