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Change is inevitable....

Like the passing hours, the movement thru seasons and the paying of taxes......change is inevitable. And we fight it every step of the way. Why is that? We so often live in our memories of the past both good and bad We rehash when our children were young with a smile and warmth at the same time we remember the hurt we experienced when someone betrayed us. We live in our minds as if we can change the outcome. Truth be told all we really have is this moment, the one right in front of us. And that moment just passed and we are on to another one. The idea of being present is a difficult one but one that will bring a sense of peace into your life. Yesterday is over. Tomorrow has not yet come and all we truly have is right now. So lean into it. Embrace the person in front of you, the action you are doing, the moment that is in your hands right now. And when you are tempted to go back into the recesses of your mind, to rehash a pain, bring it back to now. We must stay within our blessings that are now. Tough stuff for sure, but the only way to truly live in peace in this world.....Change is inevitable but so can peace be as well.....Choose peace.....

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