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And I still haven't found what I'm looking for....

This life is like a road. We travel on it trying to get to "something" at the end of it. We move towards what we think is a destination that will be everything but only when we get there. I will be happy when....(insert your when). When I lose the weight, when I get that raise, when my kids sleep thru the night, when I write that book, etc. We are always waiting for that "when". One thing I have learned is to focus on the "now" instead. What is right in front of me in the moment. To be grateful for what is. Instead of waiting to get to some final destination, final "when", just enjoy the ride and be grateful for the scenes that are passing by. Each day, I try to list the things I am grateful for. I know it sounds very "oprahish" and corny but it truly keeps me in the moment, in the beautiful, positive moment. Even in the middle of crisis, there is something to be grateful for. Find it. Say it. And smile because of it. The time to be happy the present. So here goes. I am grateful for my family, my friends, my dogs, my life, my God and this beautiful crazy world that I get to travel in. So go ahead.....what are you grateful for?

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