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And so it begins....

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

To blog or not to blog....well that is certainly the question of the day! Because who cares anyway? If you are reading this than maybe I have caught your attention a little. In these blogs, I will let you know what's on my mind and who knows....maybe it will strike a nerve or two. Today I am going to touch upon the idea of "hearing the call". I believe we are each called to do something meaningful in this life. We are put here, during this time, with the circumstances that surround us in order to fulfill a purpose. We are called to it. But we don't always hear the call. And we sometimes hear it and try to ignore it. This day, I find myself answering the call with trepidation. You see, I have found myself in the middle of a love story. My heart belongs not only to the people in my life but most importantly to a God I cannot see, don't always understand and one that I question often. He tempts me to get closer to Him. He shows himself in every turn. He lifts me up and also lets me down. He lives thru me and with me and in me. but some days He is nowhere to be found. Trust me, it surprises me that He would "call" me to spread His love but truth be told, he has. I found Him in a church and learned to know Him and love Him there. He introduced me to His son Jesus who teaches me and inspires me. But I also found Him outside of the walls of the church in others, in this crazy world we live in, in my every day life and within me. The thing with being "called" is it nags at you and if you don't pay attention, keeps you in an unsettled state until you heed that call. So here it is. I will attempt to bring you along in my journey as I seek to understand this God that beckons me to gather some travelers on my journey in pursuit of meaning. If this trip sounds appealing to you, hop on board I can guarantee you it is going to be a ride of a lifetime!

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