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But I am only one person...

I often wonder how I can help when so many people need help these days.....I mean really....I am only one person! It's so easy to hang on to that premise and continue on in my day leaving it for the institutions, government and others to handle it. But then it happens. A conundrum is set before me to tickle that comfort zone and move me to act. Coincidence? I don't really believe in them. I used to support so many groups and people in my work with the church. I had teams, resources and people to gather from. It was easy to help others. Kind of in the thread of the job. But now I am on my own and just one person. I ran into an old client I used to support who supports a house for single mothers. After the casual chat she said "I really need food for these families". I remembered I had a connection to a pantry that was overloaded so I said "let me see what I can do". Sure enough, the pantry was happy to donate an entire truck load of food and we set up time for me to come back each week to restock their shelves. The pantry was happy to be sharing their extra, my friend was happy to be on the receiving end, I am sure the mothers were happy to feed their children and I was happy to be in the middle of it all. I was "just one person". I do believe God puts these situations in front of us to help us to "love thy neighbors". The key is to be open enough to see that you can make a difference in your own small way. That we are all that "one person" for others. In our own unique ways. And when we lean into it, we can each help the world become a little bit better for others. Learn to see the opportunities put in front of you and more importantly to say "yes". Imagine what the world might look like if we each became that "one person" for others. Sweeeeet heaven. I must say, I found myself again in serving others and in my small way being that one person. Try just might find yourself too....

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