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He loves me, he loves me not

One of the more difficult concepts to accept is that God loves me. Period. There is nothing I can do to make that more or less. We often dole out our love accordingly. If you are good to me, I love ya. If you do nice things for me, I love ya. If you don't hurt me, I love ya. But the minute you go off course, well, maybe not so much. We measure and judge. We have parameters on who will receive our love. We guard our love with walls and dole it out accordingly. But God does not. To accept that God loves me, without any of my good works or rule following, I must also accept that God loves everyone else equally. That includes EVERYONE. This is a tough concept for our human minds to wrap our thoughts around. But that is the "mystery" of God. We cannot always wrap our minds around what God can do. "Unconditional love" is just that. Once we can accept it from God, we can start to give it to others. Tough stuff for sure.....but imagine a world where we have unconditional love? I say that is probably heaven.....

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