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Hey God.....what's up?

I have heard it said, in times of trouble, sorrows, pain, confusion....look up. Lift your eyes. Look to God. When you are down on your knees, at the foot of whatever cross it is you are carrying, just lift those baby blues up to God and surrender. Truth be told, in my dark moments, I sometimes don't have the energy to lift my eyes and hope there is someone there to see me. It is sometimes easier to wallow in my sorrows, eat a bag of chips and shut the world out. It is easier to stuff it all down, pretend it doesn't exist and hope it doesn't rise up to bit me in the future. It is easier to just give up, isn't it? That's the struggle of living in this world. We forget the very divinity that we are connected to. We hang onto our humanity, our material world as if it can give us the solace we need. It is exactly in those times we must go back to our faith, our divine nature and hang on for dear life. God hasn't left you, He is there in the midst of it just waiting for you to look up. Oh trust me, it is hard. My humanity fights for first position. But if we could just lean into what we understand about God's nature, His steadfast love for us, His promise that He will walk with us in our times of need, then we can surrender it to Him and move forward just a little lighter. It is what He promises, not that we won't have struggles, real tough struggles, but that if you lift your eyes, He will always be there. So when your life seems too hard to face, your troubles deep, your humanity shaken....ask God....what's up? And He will answer you every time with "I am, with you"

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Clare Elton
Clare Elton
Nov 15, 2023

beautifully written = from a heart that knows. Thank you Elaine for sharing this

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