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It's the most wonderful time......of the year.....

If you are like me, you cleaned the Thanksgiving dishes and started thinking about Christmas! The tree went up, the decoration out, stockings are out and the sparkle from the lights just warm your heart. We rush around in December trying to find the perfect gift and most delicious appetizer so that everyone is happy. It's chaotic and hectic. We often forget about what Christmas is truly about. Advent is the journey to the birth of Christ. Yes, the birth many years ago....but also the birth of Christ within us, now, in this day. Each year we have a chance for Christ to be born again within us. The journey is the chance to break open the heart so that Christ can enter once again. A time to remember what love is. Remember what seeing Christ in others truly means. A chance to remember those that are not here with us any longer but live on thru us. A chance to truly give of oneself to Him and eachother. These are the real fruits of Christmas. The chance to have Christ be born within us and set us up for another beautiful year. So take a breath this month. Sit with scripture. Sit with God in prayer and meditation. Soften the heart and realize the greatest gift this year under the tree is Christ born again in you.....It's the most wonderful time, of the year!

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