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Memories of Christmas past...

As I adorn the tree with ornaments that I bought over the years, the memories flood my mind. I see my young children coming down the stairs with half opened eyes in their cute Christmas PJ's. I see carefully wrapped gifts go from order to disorder. I see the awe and excitement in my children's eyes. I see love. I go further back and see my Dad getting the tree down from upstairs as my mother bakes hundreds of cookies. I remember cousins and aunts and uncles sitting around the long table enjoying a well cooked Christmas meal. I see sitting with my family singing Christmas carols. I see love. Christmas comes and goes each year as well as the people in our lives. Not everyone makes it to the next Christmas and we can barely catch our breath between them anymore. Time just runs away. It's important to take a moment to take it in, enjoy the wonder and awe from the past and the love in the room at the present. Slow it down. Don't miss the moment worked up by the craziness that it can bring. Take in the wonder and love that Christmas evokes. It's a wonderful time of year to share love, give love and be love. It can be the most wonderful time of the year if we let it..... why not let it....

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