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Today I am feeling the pain of many and I question why suffering is necessary. And I feel guilty that I should question God's purpose in it. Of course I know the right answers on paper - there is no glory without the pain, there is resurrection after the crucifixion, we would not appreciate the good times without the bad - but it is in the moment that I just cannot absorb those responses. The one that does give me comfort is that God is never closer than in the midst of your suffering. You are walking on holy ground with Him because while He never promised that there would be no suffering, He did promise that He would be there with you. And in that I find comfort. In that I feel His presence in my pain. I feel wrapped in His arms. And if that is the only reason for suffering, then I can accept it. For to be closer to God and His love is worth the pain in the end. But it is certainly difficult to endure....Not sure I fully understand.

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