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Summer's ending....

The days are winding down and September is quickly moving in to make its presence known. Gone will be the carefree days of sleeping in, laying in the sun, reading a book for sheer fun and dreaming of the days to come. All good things that have their place. But they must end so that we can move forward to live out our meaning. I think a lot about what my purpose is these days as I stumble around in the dark trying to figure it out. Just as summer ended, the days of "mothering" did too with my adult children living out their lives. The "who am I" now starts to creep in and the search begins. And I love the search. It is in the search that I truly believe we find ourselves. So bring it on September! I welcome the fall days, cute sweaters and deep conversations about who the heck I am and why I am here! Endings are just windows to openings and new beginnings.....

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