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Thanks, no thanks

The week of Thanksgiving. A time to start to list the things you are thankful for at the same time that we sit at the table surrounded by those we love. Truth be told, there are some days I cannot muster up the "thanks" in the middle of cleaning up, preparing the turkey, setting the table and serving everyone. So why give thanks? Did you know that neuroscientists have proven that the same part of the brain that holds anxiety also holds gratitude? So if you fill your mind with the things you are grateful for....poof....there is no room for the anxiety! Let's look to scripture....."Be still and know that I am God" ......Did you know that Be Still in Hebrew means "put down" In other words, put down your weapons, and let God fight the battle for you. Put aside the things you are carrying so that God can fill that space in you and replace hurt, bitterness, anger.....with Love....pure love. As we slide into the holiday, start counting your by one. Allow that beautiful Godly love to enter and shine thru you. And then look across that table and think "I really love that person" matter what. Give thanks my friends.....for all of it! And enjoy that turkey!!!

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