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Our house, is a very, very, very fine house...

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

There are days that I am pretty sure I know what it is I am to be doing Like today, I need to fix up the guest room in my house. Unclutter the mess, throw out what isn't needed and freshen up the decor. And that got me thinking about my faith life as well. We have many levels to who we are. The first floor of our being, our house let's say, is the day to day operations. It's the human side of who we are. That's the easy floor to maneuver and undertand. We know what needs to get done. But just like my guest room needs of the day, there is the second floor of our being - our divinity. And every now and again, we need to unclutter the mess, throw out what isn't needed and freshen up the decor! We are both human and divine - two floors in one house. We tend to live on the first floor most of the time. But it is important we go up to the second floor and spend time there every now and again. Spend time there. Because it is only from the second floor, we can see the beautiful view that is our meaning and purpose - our life. So I took a break from the mess of the day and took time to meditate. To go upstairs and sit on the second floor. And that's where the peace settles in. Go's calling you.

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