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What the world needs now....

My head is spinning from the way the world is today. There is so much discourse, hatred, unhappiness. We look to our leaders and they are fighting among themselves! I was driving the other day and I thought "where are you God?". I want Him to swoop in like a parent and make things right again. To hold me in His arms, comfort me and tell me everything will be okay. I mean the age old question is "why does God allow this to go on?". I ponder that. Just like when a child goes to touch a hot stove, as a parent we redirect them because it will bring harm. But hasn't God done that? Hasn't He directed us on how to live in harmony and peace. Love thy neighbor. Let's start with that simple one. We know the answer. This is where that "free will" comes in and boy, do we free will it. We have forgotten who our neighbor is and what loving them really looks like. This is where we turn back to faith and the simplicity/complexity of love. The world needs love. God didn't promise we wouldn't face troubles but what He actually promised was that He would be in the midst of it He promised us His love. Pure, sweet love. It is time for us to go back to His example and start loving one another. What the world needs now? Love, sweet love....that is the simple answer.

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